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Bernard & Addie Gore

September 13th marks 94 years since the death of Adeline "Addie" F. (Hobbs) Gore.
Addie was born on March 6, 1866 in Maryland, the daughter of Lawrence W. Hobbs and Emeline J. Selby.  She and her many siblings grew up in Howard County, where her father worked as a farmer, and later, served two terms as a judge of the Orphans' Court.  In the 1870 census, Addie was only three years old, but by 1880, she was old enough to be attending school.

Harry Bernard Gore was born on October 29, 1855 in Baltimore County, Maryland, the son of John H. Gore and Ruth Gore.  Unlike Addie with her large family, Bernard had just one sister, Isabel Elizabeth.  His father was also a farmer, owning $10,000 worth of real estate in the 1870 census.
In September of 1886, a tournament was held in Reisterstown, complete with tilting, knights, a queen, maids-of-honor, heralds, and prizes.  John Gore served as one of the event's judges, with his son Bernard as one of the assistants.  Caleb Hobbs, Addie's older brother, was a marshal, and gave the coronation address.

Addie and Bernard were married the following year, on November 23, 1887 at St. James Methodist Church in Howard County.
It seems as though Addie may have suffered from depression, though over a century later, it is impossible to know for certain the details of her personal life.  Whatever the reason, on October 14, 1898, Addie attempted to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head.  Miraculously, she survived.  She was found alone in her room by her mother-in-law Ruth, who immediately summoned Bernard, the neighbors, Dr. James Gore of Reisterstown, and Dr. H. H. Campbell of Owings Mills.  Addie remained in critical condition for a few days, but had recovered enough by the following week that the doctors no longer feared for her life.

In the 1900 census, Bernard, now 45 years old, was working as a farmer.  Living with the couple was a servant, 13-year-old Samuel Tucker.
In Reisterstown, the tournament became a regular event held in either August or September - much as the Reisterstown Festival today is our traditional end-of-summer event.  The tradition continued into the new century, and the Gores were regular attendees, with Bernard frequently serving as either the assistant marshal or as a judge.
Bernard and Addie never had any children, so over the years, their household changed little in the census records.  On September 13, 1920, Addie passed away at the age of 54.
After Addie's death, Bernard went to live with a cousin.  Bernard passed away ten years later, on December 13, 1930, at the age of 75.

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