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Solomon & Dolly Stocksdale

May 5th marks 165 years since the death of Dolly Brown (Cockey) Stocksdale.

"In the fullness of years she has descended to the tomb and though she has seen the last of earth, her example while here will serve to animate those she left behind."
Assuming the age given on Dolly's gravestone is correct, she was born on February 21, 1804.  On December 14, 1822, she married Solomon Stocksdale, a veteran of the War of 1812.

Because Dolly died before 1850, she does not appear by name in federal census records.  Her husband Solomon was named as head-of-household, with tally marks indicating age and sex of all other family members.  Also, since the Stocksdales' children didn't appear by name until the 1850 census (28 years after their marriage), I can't be certain that I have them all correct.

In 1830, the Stocksdales were living in Baltimore's 6th district, with one male between 30-39 (Solomon), one female between 20-29 (Dolly), one male between 5-9 (son John), one male under 5 (son William), and four female slaves.
In 1840, the Stocksdales were now in Carroll County:  one male between 40-49 (Solomon), two females between 30-39 (Dolly and ?), one male between 15-19 (son John), two males between 10-14 (sons William and Elias), one male between 5-9 (son Solomon), one male under 5 (son Stephen), one female under 5 (daughter Ruth), two male slaves, and four female slaves.
After Dolly's death in 1848, a lovely obituary appeared in the Baltimore Sun for her:
Two years later, in the 1850 census, the names of Stocksdales' children begin to emerge.  Solomon was a farmer, living in Carroll County, with real estate valued at $3900.  Living with him were John age 25, William age 21, Solomon age 17, Stephen age 14, Ruth age 11, and Edmund age 9.
By the 1860 census, Solomon was living in the household of Elias Stocksdale, a son who had married and moved out before the 1850 census, and so wasn't counted with the family that year.
Solomon passed away on November 17, 1864.

This languishing head is at rest
Its thinking and aching are o'er
This quiet immovable breast
Is heaved by affliction no more
The Stocksdales' children were (I think!):
  • John Thomas C. Stocksdale, 1824-1898, husband of Eliza Cook
  • Elias Cockey Stocksdale, 1825-1882, husband of (1) Martha Whalen & (2) Elizabeth Bowen
  • William Jackson Stocksdale, 1828-1863
  • Solomon Tivis Stocksdale, c1833-1912
  • Stephen Brown Stocksdale, 1835-1910, husband of Annie Rebecca Cockey
  • Ruth Ann Elizabeth Stocksdale, 1838-1906, wife of Theodore Baseman
  • Edmund Howard Stocksdale, c1841-1860

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