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Adam & Alice Zimmerman

July 4th marks 114 years since the death of Rev. Adam H. Zimmerman.

Father, into thy hands
I commend my spirit.
Adam was born on August 17, 1840 in Manchester, Maryland, the eldest son of Henry and Leah Zimmerman.  In the 1850 census, the family was living in Carroll County, with his father Henry listed as a farmer, owning real estate valued at $2,500.  Adam had five younger siblings, but only he and his sister Barbara were old enough to attend school.
As a young man, Adam was a devout Christian.  After graduating from the Drew Theological Seminary in New Jersey, he spent a few years on Maryland's eastern shore as a missionary for the Maryland Sunday School Union.  In 1872, he was licensed as a lay preacher in Salisbury. As part of his ministry, he was frequently required to travel on foot.  After one such journey through the region's wetlands, he fell victim to rheumatism, which left him unable to get around for almost a year afterward.  Adam underwent surgery to attempt to correct the condition, but instead, the procedure left him lame.

Alice Ireland was born circa 1839 in Maryland, the daughter of Edward Ireland and Deborah Owings Moale.  Her father was born Edward Hollingsworth, but legally changed his last name by an act of the Maryland Legislature in honor of his grandfather, Edward Ireland.  In 1850, the Irelands were living in Carroll County, with Edward claiming to own $50,000 worth of real estate, working as a farmer.
Adam Zimmerman and Alice Ireland were married on December 26, 1876 at St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church in Baltimore City by Rev. Dr. Grammer.  In the 1880 census, the couple and their two-year-old daughter Ada were living with Alice's mother, sister, and niece at 232 North Howard Street in Baltimore.  A domestic servant, Charity Barnes, also lived in the household.  Though no occupation is listed for Adam, he had been working as a teacher for some time.
In late 1889, Alice fell ill with influenza, from which she never fully recovered.  Over the next few months, her condition worsened.  Alice passed away from consumption in Westminster, Maryland on May 22, 1890, at the age of 51.

A devoted wife,
a fond mother,
a true Christian.
Not dead, but gone before.
After his wife's death, Adam retired from teaching.  He continued to be active in the church, however, joining the Baltimore Local Preachers' Association a few years later.  In early 1900, he was elected as a delegate for the National Association of Local Preachers for the annual conference in Sheffield, England.  In preparation for his upcoming trip, Adam applied for a passport on March 27, 1900, stating that he planned to be out of the U.S. for three or four months.  He was described as being six feet tall, with brown eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion.
Adam departed for England on May 24th.  Afterward, it was Adam's intention to travel around Europe.  However, he contracted a stomach illness shortly after his arrival, and passed away in Bremen, Germany on July 4, 1900, about a month shy of his 60th birthday.  His body was returned to the U.S. on July 27th, and the funeral was held at the Methodist Church in Reisterstown on July 30th.
In his will, Adam left his books, shares of stock in the National Enameling and Stamping Company, and all the income from his ground rents to his brother Leander, who was named as his executor.  To his sisters Lydia, Carrie, and Barbara, he also left shares of stock and mortgage incomes from specific properties.  His remaining properties were left to his daughter Ada.

Adam and Alice Zimmerman had one daughter:
  • Ada Moale Zimmerman, 1877-19??, wife of (1) William Clarence Curley and (2) John W. Evers

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