Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's Been a Busy Month!

There have been lots of goings-on here lately, and the Reisterstown Community Cemetery has gotten quite a bit of press in the last few weeks.  Look for recent articles about the cemetery in Reisterstown Life Magazine, the Community Times, and the Baltimore Jewish Times, which included this video:

For the past few weeks, our historic mason and his crew have been hard at work repairing the fallen east wall, using the bricks collected and cleaned by volunteers back in August.  They also straightened part of the existing wall that was bowing out a bit.  Below is a collection of photos showing their day-to-day progress.  It's turned out beautifully!

If all goes according to schedule, the masons will be finishing up sometime this week.  They've just got to put the finishing touches on east wall, and work on a few trouble spots in other places.

On November 9th we held a luminary event honoring all of the Veterans interred in the cemetery, from the Revolutionary War up to World War II.  Each of their graves was marked with a flag, bio page, balloon, and luminary.  The cemetery committee and Civil War re-enactors gave tours to visitors, and donors who purchased luminaries placed them at their chosen grave sites.  At sundown, we had a small ceremony, taps was played, and all the luminaries were lit.  Thanks to Randy Woods for taking these lovely photos that evening.

So, that just about covers it!  Who knew that this little cemetery could keep us all so busy?

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