Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mystery Stone

The other day, while replanting and weeding out the flower bed in the cemetery, Chris uncovered a mysterious old stone.

The location puts it near the beginning of row six, near the Reisters' memorial bench, and close to (but not inside) the enclosed Forney plot in row five.  The stone is small, engraved with the initials "M H", with "Aged" and "years" below - but no dates, and no number for the person's age.  Only having initials, and not a full name, it almost seems like a lost footstone.  There are a few folks interred in the cemetery with those initials (Margaret Harris, Mary Hitshue, Martha Hook, and Mary Hungerford), but none are close to that part of the cemetery.

So, more research is required, though I'm not entirely sure where to start.  Any suggestions are welcome.

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Fingers crossed something will turn up!

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